What is G-scan MRI?

MRI Centers of Texas offer a revolutionary MRI approach that increases diagnostic accuracy and confidence for musculoskeletal applications. Our G-scan is specifically designed for all musculoskeletal applications. The open and tilting design is a new and innovative way of doing MRI in which the position of the patient becomes an integral part of the outcome of the examination. 

The G-scan boasts advanced features and capabilities such as:

  • Impressive image quality
  • Increased diagnostic accuracy
  • Metal Artifact Reduction
  • Global billing
  • Previous back surgery NO PROBLEM
  • Open permanent magnet
  • Rotating gantry
  • Weight-Bearing: patient’s position becomes an integral part of the examination’s outcome. Flexion, extension, and weight-bearing applications
  • Optimized, ergonomic patient bed for easy positioning and excellent comfort during exams
  • Additional diagnostic capabilities: since the force of gravity generates bio-mechanical changes in anatomy, MR imaging in a natural, stand-up position allows you to attain important additional information compared to traditional MRI
  • Complete set of sequences including turbo sequences, steady-state acquisition, and X-Bone. G-scan Brio comes with a large set of specialized sequences suitable for all MSK imaging requirements
  • User-defined sequences and customized examination protocols
  • Multi Planar Scout
  • Remote Service capability
  • eXP Technology: for faster and better MR Imaging

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G-Scan MRI in Dallas at MRI Centers of Texas
G-Scan MRI in Dallas at MRI Centers of Texas
G-Scan MRI in Dallas at MRI Centers of Texas